We are all familiar with the problem of lacking productivity and concentrationA lot of work and goals, intention to get it done, but at the end we get easily distracted and waste most of our precious time. Today we will show you 5 Ways to boost your productivity and get things done!


1. More Productivity with the Pareto principle (80/20)

It’s a simple principle with a big outcome. 80% of the value of a task comes with 20% effort. Focus on the 20% and try to get as much done as possible! Also focus on tasks which requires less time then others! You will realise you will be more productive and have faster results. Faster results is a major key to success ( Did you already read our 7 habits of successful people?)


2. Isolation in order to be productive

Isolation? Yes! It can help you to focus on your tasks without getting disturbed. It doesn’t mean you have to hide in a cave or going to the library. Just find a spot where you can’t get distracted easily and can focus on your work. Turn of your internet connection and only let people call you if its important or an emergency. You will pretty fast notice a boost in your productivity!


3. Productivity ToDo-Lists & How to prioritize them

We personally recommend you to do a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ToDo / Goal-List. You probaly asking yourself why right?

So actually it’s pretty simple. When you define Goals / ToDo’s with a deadline you are 100% more likely to achieve them. It’s like an extra motivation or bettern known as an invisible kick in the a*s.

Define smart goals

Define smart and reachable goals / ToDo’s.  We all have wishes and goals in life, but what is the difference between those two? A goal is a wish with a deadline. 

For example you want to start a business. Your yearly goal should be to start a business. Monthly goals are to create a website, a business-plan, define what the business is about, find a location for it etc.

A weekly goal can be to finish a part of the business-plan, new content for the website or social media or other small important ToDo’s. A daily goal will be to create a banner or part of the logo.

As you can see there are a lot of possibilities to define your Goals as precisely as possible.

Prioritise you ToDo’s

It’s important to priortize tasks so you can work as efficiently as possible. There are 2 common methods.

High / Low Priority

Tasks with a high priority level should be done first. The risk to forget a important task or miss a deadline decrease enorm.

Worst First

Tasks you don’t enjoy you should get done first so they don’t get over your head with time.

Our recommendation is a combination of both methods.


4. Focus

Focus on one single task at the time. If you trying to do a few tasks at the same time you only getting distracted, lose concentration and time. Completing ToDo’s is also very satisfying and extra motivation. Small, fast steps are often more effective than big slow ones. Keep that in mind.


5. Reflection & Optimization of your daily productivity

At the end of every day do some self-reflection. Did you finished all your ToDo’s? If not what was the reason? How was your productivity? Have there been a lot of distractions? Did you have peak times where you haven’t got anything done? Have there occured any new tasks with a higher priority level?

Try to answer these question as honest as possible, because at the end of the day you want to improve your productivity! Optimize your ToDo-List and your priorities and make some plans for the next day.

At the end success can only be achieved by dedication, hard work and daily effort! So keep grinding and smash your goals!


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