How to create clothing tech packs by teambladi


How to create clothing tech packs by teambladi

How to create a Fashion Tech Pack

A Tech Pack is a necessity if you want to create your own unique fashion products. No matter if you are a fashion designer, an Entrepreneur who wants to build a clothing brand from scratch or just a someone who want to create some unique designs. We going to show you how you can easily create professional looking Fashion Tech Packs on your own! You only need a working Version of Adobe Illustrator, some inspiration and some patience.

Tech Packs are the foundation of any fashion product, because it is the final visual combination of your hand drawn sketches, mood-boards and design concepts. Often it is very hard to explain to manufacturers, other designers or big brands what exactly your perceptions regarding tailoring, materials and colors are. Especially manufacturers need to know every little detail about your clothing product in order to create a sample.

We at Teambladi create all our Techpacks on our won and we ensure you it was never easier to express our ideas to our manufacturers. Time to show you how you can create your own Fashion Tech Pack!


1. Tech Pack Dimension & Layout

Clothing Tech Pack Adobe Illustrator Size Dimension Teambladi

We recommend an A4 horizontal dimension for your Fashion Tech Packs


We usually create our Tech Packs in a A4 horizontal dimension (297×210 mm), because we easily can convert them into printable PDFs. Of course you can choose any dimension of your choice but keep in mind a higher resolution results in a bigger file size.

After a new document was created we start with a simple Layout. It includes our official Brand Logo and all important information regarding the design.


Clothing Tech Pack Description - Information Teambladi

The Layout contains all important information regarding your design

It is important to keep the legend as short and precise as possible, because any unnecessary addition could lead to confusion. So what exactly do we use in our Tech Pack legend?

  • Logo – The official Teambladi Brand Logo
  • Name – The designation of the Tech Pack (It will help you to keep everything organized!)
  • SKU-ID – The Tech Pack ID of your product (You can also just call it an ID. We personally use the SKU-ID later in the shop)
  • Collection – Is it part of a collection? Is it a single creation? (Again, very important for a clean organisation structure)
  • Designer – Who created this piece of art? (In case you hand it over to other designers or brands)
  • Body-Fabrics – What is your fashion design made of? (Of course if you have different garments you need to create additional pages and point the garments out, but for simple designs like a T-Shirt it is not a problem to state it in the legend)
  • Size – What is the size of the the finished product?
  • Design – Do you have Logo or a design which will be printed on your sample? (If you want a Logo on your sample keep in mind to use the same name on the Techpack you used to name your Logo-file. It can save you a lot of troubles when you have multiple designs)
  • ID – The ID of the design (We use Excel-Spreadsheets to manage all our designs)
  • Size – The Size of your design (With the size we mean the dimension of Logo-file our manufacturer should use)
  • Print Technology – Which print technology should be used? (Screen printing, Direct to Garment (DTG), Dye sublimation, Heat press, vinyl cutting)


2. Tracing of a Clothing Product / Sketch

Fashion Tech Pack T-Shirt Path Trace Teambladi

Trace one half of the Shirt. In order to correct mistakes you can change anchor points afterwards.

After you set up the layout it is time to create the core element of your Tech Pack. Most of the time fashion designers already have some sketches of their design so they only have to scan it and trace it with Adobe Illustrator. For all of you who are not the best illustrators, sketchers or new in the design area no need to be discouraged. In our example we used our Teambladi Classic Brand T-Shirt as a template.


Clothing Techpack T-Shirt Complete Path

Merge the two Paths in order to have a complete T-Shirt.

Use the Pen-Tool and trace half of the Shirt. Take your time and make sure to have a nice shape. If you have trouble with your concentration check our Blog-Post about “How to boost your concentration“! You only need to trace half of the Shirt because we are going to duplicate and reflect the path in order to merge them into one selection/path.

Now it is time to add some details like seams, joints, a neckline (crew neck for example) and your design. Also we recommend to change the color of the paths to black. (later when you add the different length specification you will need the color red)


Fashion Clothing Shirt Tech Pack Teambladi


3. Fashion Tech Pack Measurements

One of the most important parts of a Tech Pack are the measurements of your designed Fashion product. There are thousands of Shirts on the market but the difference between a normal and a great Shirt is the tailoring and the measurements. We at Teambladi use measuring tape and a mannequin to create or unqiue signature fits. Use the Pen-Tool and a signal colour (we recommend red) to create measurement-paths on your design.


Complete Shirt Tech Pack with Measurements

Label as precisely as possible in order to create the perfect Tech Pack!

Keep in mind that your Tech Pack is like a plan for the manufacturers and brands, because based on your measurements they will create the sample or the products. Also do not forget to use the correct measurement unit. Most manfucaturer and brands work with inches and not centimeters.


At the beginning it seems a little bit complex but it is all about dedication and some practice. Take your time, get familiar with Adobe Illustrator and practice on some basic designs.

We hope you enjoyed the “Clothing Tech Pack Tutorial” and good luck with your first Techpacks Bladis!

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