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The official covid-19 guide for bladis - teambladi

COVID-19 Virus – The official COVID-19 Guide for Bladis!

COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus is all over the news. It’s officially a pandemic and the count of the people who get infected increases rapidly. Many countries like Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, etc. are on lockdown, so you can only leave your home to get food, money or medicine. Your possibilities are very limited especially when you are living in a city under lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you should just sit around, watch netflix and eat snacks. Bladis are different, we use our time wisely. Check out our COVID-19 Guide in order to use your time the best way possible!


Don’t Panic – Be a Leader

Bladis are leaders, even when it’s getting tough, we keep a calm and don’t panic, because at the end we lead the pack. Be an example for others. When people see that you keep yourself together, you have a positive mindset and you are using your time wisely, they will follow your example.

Get yourself a 30-days stock of your medication (if you need one), have enough food at home and be patient. It doesn’t make any sense to panic and buy toiletpaper for the next few months, think of your fellow human beings. We are all in this together. Take what you need, but leave something for the others.


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Check if you can help the older people in your community. Support them as much as you can, because they are affected the most by the selfish behaviour of others and also the COVID-19 Virus. It’s the best if they don’t have to leave their homes, so take care of them! That’s the main task of a Bladi – lead the pack!

Avoid social gatherings and follow the orders of your government. It’s a difficult time for everyone, that’s why we all need to work together.



Stay active – COVID-19 Workout

Even if you can’t go to the gym or go out, you still can keep up a daily training routine in order to keep yourself fit and boost your immune system. Use our COVID-19 Workout on a daily basis and give your body no chance of becoming weak.


The COVID-19 Workout:

  • 73x jumping jacks
  • 73x Squats
  • 73x Pushups
  • 73x lunges
  • 73x climbers
  • 73x situps
  • 3x 73sec plank


You can do the whole workout at once or split it up into 3-4 rounds, but make sure to do all sets and reps! We personally advice every Bladi to do the COVID-19 workout on a daily basis not only to stay fit also to boost your immune system.


Take your vitamins

Your body especially the immune system needs vitamins and nutrients in order to work properly. Eat healthy, avoid sugar, processed food, snacks, soda and no alcohol at all! We are big advocats of removing alcohol completely from your life, because it’s just poison for the body.

Eat more proteins and vegetables, reduce the carbs (you don’t move much at home, so you don’t need much energy) and increase your fiber intake. Your daily needed calories are lower as usual, so be careful and don’t overeat, otherwise you will get chubby pretty fast.

Don’t forget to eat your vegetables, because at the end you need your vitamins in order to boost your immune system!


One way to get your daily dose of vitamins is to drink our “Teambladi Immunesystem-Booster” every morning.

Following Ingredients are needed:

  • 3.4 oz celery juice
  • 1.6 oz ginger juice
  • 1.6 oz lemon juice
  • 2.7 oz kale/spinach juice
  • 1.6 oz carrot juice
  • 3.4 oz apple juice
  • 1.6 oz orange juice

Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.


Be productive!

Don’t just sit in front of the TV. Be productive! Time to increase your knowledge – if it’s by reading a book or subscribing to an online course. You could learn how to code, creating websites or work on your personal development. Nowadays it’s so easy to access courses, tutorials, news and information via the internet, so take advantage of it.  Especially for all entrepreneurs out there, now it’s the time to work on your website, new blog posts, social media appearance, marketing plans or even your business plan. Now you have the time so don’t waste it with netflix, instagram and co.


Be patient

It doesn’t matter how long it will take till we all can return to our normal lives. We stay patient, follow the orders of our governments and be part of the solution. Help your community, look after eachother and make the difference. Only together we can make it.

Time to make the difference. Lead the pack.


Make the difference - Teambladi

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