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TEAMBLADI Getting fame on instagram in 2019


Yeah we know there are probably more than 100 articles about “How to get fame on instagram !”, but we really going to keep it simple. Straight facts and only basics to success. Follow these simple rules and 2019 its going to be your instagram year!

Instagram is one of the most used social networks on the market. More than 210 million active members every month, 61 million shared images and 1,7 billion likes a day. Pretty dope numbers, right? So the chance to get noticed is about 1:210 000 000, nearly impossible? NO! Why be just average and mainstream on instagram? Time to build a strong brand and get noticed!

So how can you increase engagement, followers and most important, how you get noticed? Check out the following insta-hacks and add them to your daily routine!



1. Creative hashtags are a key fundamental for instagram fame!

Don’t use the Top 30 instagram hashtags like #follow4follow or #instalike, be creative! Use hashtags in your description to tell a funny, exciting story. Don’t look at a hashtag like it’s just a word to get likes. Use it to describe your posts, tell a story with them, make it special! The quality and resolution should also be on point, else nobody going to interact with your post! 



2. Your own “brand” hashtag!

Create your own unique hashtag. For an example we have #teambladi #bladigang and #teambladiclothing. Every single hashtag is unique and has his own message. The story behind #247365 is  “Hustle 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We never stop to grind!” Use your brands name or create a really unqiue hashtag in combination with your work. If your profil is about nature and travel-photography and your name is Maggie, you could create hashtags like #natravelphy or #natoggie , but make sure to make them easy to spell and not to complex. Also don’t create too many hashtags, use about two or three.

Make sure to promote your own hashtag. Use it in every description, in comments, your Bio and also on business-cards or mails. Be creative and share your hashtag with the world. Remember bigger audience = bigger reach = bigger chance to get noticed and get viral. Instagram also added the feature to follow hashtags, so use this possibility!



3. Extraordinary “Fame”-BIO

Your BIO is like the first impression people are going to have from you. Use your BIO to drive traffic to your website. Change your url weekly with your newest blog-post, articles or products. Also write a short description about yourself, your business or your account. Use emojis and also your personal hashtag. With the new instagram update you can use hashtags and also @tags in your BIO. Take your time, be productive  and come up with a bomb biography!



4. Connect! Exchange! Get Fame!

Find people and influencer with common goals, styles or interests. It’s always easier to get noticed and also followers when you share the same interests. Use it to your advantage. Also follow people, like their pictures and also comment on them. Comment your opinion, interact with the post or ask question, but be careful nobody likes a spamer or someone who just post an Emoji or “cool!”. Easiest way to avoid cringe moments is to ask yourself if you would be offended by your own comment or if you appreciate it or not! At the end we all put some effort into our posts and nobody likes to get attacked or offended by strangers.



5. Be your local QUEEN/KING!

Try to be your local queen or king! See whats going on around your neighboorhood or city! Check out events, trends, ads or shops around you. Check your local location tag and see whats going on an try to interact. Try to dominate your location tag!



Bottom Line

No matter what you do in life be UNIQUE. It’s human to look up to people, but always try to do your own thing, stand out and always love what you do. If you don’t do it with love its short-term. Take our advices, keep the hustle up, never give up, deliver good quality content and be the next big think on insta! Make sure to check us out @teambladi & @teambladi.motivation !



how to get fame on instagram in 2019

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