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Are you blessed?

Often people are too busy with life that they do not even realize how blessed they actually are. They feel pity for themselves, asking questions like “Why me? Why does it happen to me? What have I done wrong to deserve this?”. Those people don’t realize that they are not really having problems, they are just confronted with life. Every day you wake up alive and healthy, a roof over your head, food on the table, clear drinking water, a job to attend to – guys, you are more than blessed.

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The core foundation of making the difference is to understand, that you don’t have a bad life and a lot of problems, you just have more work to do and problems are not as big as they seem. While acknowledging that, you are creating a whole different mindset and  you will also approach everything different in life – believe it or not.


I know I am blessed but...

Often people say “Yeah I know I am blessed BUT..” – Stop right there! There is no but. If you are able to say “but..” you did not acknowledge your blessings at all. You have to remove the “but” otherwise you will never be able to make the difference. It takes some time and mental training to get to the point that you wake up in the morning with a smile while thanking God to be alive and healthy, but you will get there. You have to make it a priority to yourself and also you have to work on your mindset.


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How to get the right mindset

The best way to achieve a “blessed mindset” is to acknowledge that you are blessed and you have a good life no matter what your current circumstances are. So every time you do something, be conscious about it. Here are some basic examples:

  • Reaching for you water bottle to take a sip?
    • Have in mind that 1 of 3 people don’t have access to clean drinking water (that’s 2.5 billion people!). Drinking clean water is not only a blessing it’s sadly also a privilege not everyone has.
  • Deciding which place to eat at for lunch?
    • 25,000 people lose their lives every day as a result of hunger – that’s 9.1 million people a year!
  • Deciding which series you should watch tonight on Netflix?
    • Around 1.6 billion people are homeless. They have neither a roof over their head nor a place to stay.
  • Surfing through the Web and researching something for a project?
    • There are over 4 billion people around the world with no access to the internet

Having clean drinking water, food on the table, a home and access to internet is considered by many as normal and they do not even think twice about it, but that’s what it is all about. If you consider those things as blessings, it will totally change your view on life.

I am ready!

As soon as you work on those aspects you will notice a significant change in your life. You will be more motivated, have more energy and your positivity will affect everyone around you. This is the first step you have to take in order to be a Gamechanger. 

It's time to make the difference. #BladiMentality

Are you blessed - Bladi Mentality - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

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Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition

Bladi Journal - English Edition

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