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What is a Bladi?

To be a Bladi doesn't mean to be better than someone else. A Bladi is someone who always works to be the best version of himself/herself. It doesn't matter what other people think or someone said about you, it is important what YOU think about YOU! "There are no limits in life, if you want something go out there and get it, but you need to give 200%. Remember: "0% Smalltalk. 200% Grind. They talk. We hustle."

 What is a Bladi - Bladi Quote - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

What does Bladi mean?

The name is a redefinition of the arabic word "wld Bladi” (ولد بلادي). It means my compatriot (actually son of my heritage).  We redefined the meaning of Bladi. Our definition is “my teammate, one of us”. So instead of refering to our heritage we refer to the message behind Teambladi. If you share the mindset of Teambladi you are one of us. Bladis are well-known by their mindset, their personality, their work ethic and the ability to lead the pack.

Everyone of us is unique and the fact that we are different makes us strong. Maybe you read our post about  "What is a Hustler?", where we stated, that a Bladi is the "elite version" of a hustler, but what exactly does that mean?

The common characteristics of a Hustler are:

  • No fear to fail
  • 0% Smalltalk. 200% Grind.
  • Going beyond limits
  • unbeatable work ethic
  • streetwise & highly intelligent
  • ready to risk it all

A Bladi has some additional special characteristics and skills:

  • Leadership - the skill to lead the pack
  • Social & Communication skills
  • unbreakable mindset
  • strong personality
  • no fear to stand alone
  • the urge for justice

 What is a Bladi - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

How can I be a Bladi?

In order to be a Bladi you first need to call these characteristics your own, because without them you can never call yourself a real Bladi. We are hungry, want to write history, left our marks on this earths, help others to reach their maximum potential. If you want to be successful, ready to give it all and don't care how hard it is going to be, then you are on the right way.

No matter how often we fail we keep moving forward. As long as you don't give up nobody can hold you back to achieve greatness. It all depends on you. It is a "You vs. You"-Battle. Of course it isn't easy but since when has life been easy for a Bladi?

If you really want to write history you need to go beyond your limits. We know you have what it takes. It's time for you to realise you can do it. It doesn't matter to us where you from, which color your skin has or what your beliefs are. If you share our mindset and are ready to go all-in, you are a Bladi.

It doesn't matter how much talent you have or what your precondition are. If you have a goal, go out there and make it happen. Your motivation is the burning desire to achieve your goal, but remember, everything below 200% isn't going to work out. In order to achieve your dreams, you have to be willing to give it your all.

Don't be one of a million, be a Bladi.

 Be a Bladi- TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

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