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Whats is Dedication?

"You need to have Dedication in order to succeed!" Every Entrepreneur should have heard that sentence by now, but what actually does it mean to be dedicated? What's the difference between a dedicated person and some who isn't?

We all have dreams, goals, visions and plans but only a few of us make them come true. There are many reasons why someone fails, but most of the time it's lack of dedication.

What is Dedication - Dedication Quote - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

People who are dedicated give 200%, no matter how often they fail, they get up and try it again. The hunger for success is bigger than their fear of failure.

For example: There is an upcoming exam.

  • Person A sets a goal to pass the upcoming exam no matter how much he/she has to study. Person A makes a plan and executes it as soon as the date of the exam is known. Every day 200% focus and dedication. Person A really dedicates everything to succeed and reach her/his goal.
  • Person B sets a goal (actually wishes) to pass the upcoming exam as well, but with the big difference that he/she has no plan and dedication at all. Person B starts to learn  1-2 days prior to the exam. Same goal, different mindset, different level of dedication.

What is Dedication - Dedication Wallpaper - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand.jpg

If you have to guess which of these 2 students ihas the best chances to pass th exam, which one would you choose? We are not saying only one has the capability to pass the exam, but which person has a higher chance to succeed? We all going to agree that the preconditions of Person A,  puts her/him in a way better position than Person B, right? Person A dedicated everything to pass the exam - time & effort.

So if you don't dedicated everything you have towards your goals, how can you expect yourself to reach them? Why should you even reach your goals if you aren't ready to give it your all? There is a german proverb "Von nichts. kommt nichts" (From nothing, comes nothing) and that's a statement right there.

So stop setting goals in order to dedicated only 50% to them. All in or nothing. Bladi Codex: "0% Smalltalk. 200% Grind. They talk. We hustle." nothing more to say. Time to take over.

What is Dedication  - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

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