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What is a Hustler?

"That's a real Hustler!" - The sentence every Entrepreneurs loves to hear, but why? What actually is a Hustler? Is it a negative connotation?

Back in the days it was mostly used for drug dealers, pimps and other criminals who are hustling for their money. They were people who made money in any way and form they can, no matter the consequences. So why nowadays is it used to describe the most successful and hard working people around the globe?

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What defines a hustler?

Hustlers make up around 1% of the worlds population. They are a known as a "different breed", way more special than the "Classic Entrepreneurs". Special characteristics, unbeatable workethic and the mindset to go beyond your own limits. Sounds very simliar to a Bladi right? Actually a Bladi is the "elite version" of a hustler, but that's another topic.

You probably asking yourself what defines them, right? Here are some characteristics:

  • No fear to fail
  • 0% Smalltalk
  • Going beyond their limits
  • unbeatable work ethic
  • streetwise & highly intelligent
  • ready to risk it all

In order to be part of the one percentage club you need to call these characteristics your own, because only then you have the potential to hustle yourself up to be a Bladi.


What is a Hustler - Hustle Wallpaper - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

Entrepreneurs equals Hustlers?

Most of the time people make the mistake and mix up the meaning of those two terms. So let's break it up for you guys. You can always own a business, be a business man/woman or call yourself  an entrepreneur (shoutout to the so called Social Media millennials). BUT it does not mean you know how to grind, hustle your way up to the top. Hustling is not just a skill you can learn through an online course or just to adorn oneself with the term. It is an art, which takes time to craft, a lot of obstacles to overcome and requires an unbreakable mindset, because it is hard to be a hustler.


"Special Breed"

That`s why we say they are a "special breed". Hunger, failure, hardship, calamities, empty pockets, a small circle, yes those are all circumstances they have to deal with, but it does not break them, it make them even more determined to reach their goals.

Do you have what it takes to call yourself a Hustler or even a Bladi?


What is a Hustler - Teambladi Slogan - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand


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