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What is a Nafri?

You may heard it before, but what actually is a Nafri or what does it mean? Nafri is a short version (abbreviation) for "North African Intensive Offender" and gained a lot of publicity after the german police in Cologne used it in a tweet. It is used to racial profilling and degrading people from North Africa (mainly people from Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia).


What is a Nafri - Motivaitonal Quote - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand


Since then it is a common term used by right-wing parties and racists to discriminate moroccans, algerians, tunisians and all other people with north-african heritage. They do not care if you are a criminial, a doctor or a student. If you have north african heritage you are a Nafri. The right wing parties even use it in their political campaigns.


We personally embrace the word Nafri and changed the meaning to "Northafrican". North Africans and proud of it! It never make a difference to us what ethnicity a person has, what their social background is or what they believe in. People are different and we accept those differences. It’s all about a good character, a strong personality, honesty & loyalty, respect and a strong sense for justice. We are against racism, police violence and exclusion. If you share our mindset you are part of the Team. Time to show them they chose the wrong ones for their racist campaign. Stand up for your rights and use your voice!

 What is a Nafri - Motivational Wallpaper 4K - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

Proud to be a Nafri

Proud to be different, proud to be a Nafri. The Nafri Collection was designed to make a statement. You don't need to be a northafrican in order to wear a Teambladi Nafri-Shirt - if you stand with us against racism, police violence and exclusion, you are more than welcome to support the cause!

Born to change the Game. Everything is possible, time to make it happen.

What is a Nafri - Proud to be different - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

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