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7 Qualities & habits of successful people

There are certain habits and qualities that successful people have in common. Success doesn't happen overnight, it is the result of a daily routine, hard work, dedication and the right mentality. Let's take a closer look at 7 winning habits and skills used by entrepreneurs around the world.

 7 qualities and habits of successful people - Motivational Quote - TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

1.Visualize your goals

You can create a wallpaper for your room, a smartphone or desktop background or a notice in your purse - there are plenty possibilities to visualize your goals. Just make sure to think about them everyday.It will keep you motivated, updated, and help you overcome fears and distractions. A visualization also helps you focus on the goal.If the opportunity presents itself, you'll be ready.


2. Be able to let go!

We all failed at some point in life. Whether at an exam, a job application or just a soccer game. The important part is learning from your failure and then letting go of it. It only going to drag you down if you keep thinking about it and ask yourself what you did wrong. You will lose your confidence, fear of failure will rule your life, and you will lose your way.

Try to process and reflect on everything, both positive and negative experiences and try to learn from them. Don't let the past affect your future. Everyone makes mistakes or fails at some point, but the difference between normal and successful people is that people who seek success never give up and always try to improve their results.


3. Success = Time Management!

It's very important to always keep an eye on your time. If you don't plan your day and write down ToDo's you will most likely waste a lot of time. Why? It's human nature. If you dont have a planned schedule you will always forget some tasks, be lazy or waste your time with unnecessary things. Try to get rid of all distraction during your daily hustle and use every second you have to reach your goals.

Your daily routine should always include zhe ToDo's for the next day. We personally recommend it at the end of the day after your daily reflection.


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4. No is the new "Yes"

Don't give up after recieving a "No". Actually handling an "L" will teach you a lot of things. Only a few can handle a "No" and use it as a motivation to change it into a "Yes". People with the quality to handle a "No" are most likely succeed in life, because they have one important habit. They never give up. Period.

Don't be scared to receive a "No" , actually go for it! Make it one of your primary daily goals to receive a "No" and learn to handle it. Your fear of rejection will disappear, you will be more confident over time.


5.Take Action!

Doing something doesn't mean you are taking action. If you want it go for it - Bladi-Mentality: 200%. Put all your effort towards your task, don't fear rejection or failure and always give your best. The only thing between who you are and who you want to be are your actions.

Sometimes you just have to go for it. In order to succeed you have to take every chance you get. So instead of just dreaming and talking about your goals, take actions and make it happen.


6. Self-investment 

In order to succeed you need to know your goals, qualities and your passion. Never stop investing in yourself, because at the end of your day you want to succeed.

Never forget you can achieve every goal you set your mind to, but you must be willing to give 200% and don't fear to fail. Face your fears, take "No's", get up and move on. In order to achieve you need to sacrifice. If you don't invest in yourself you will lose precious time, opportunities, waste of energy and potential.


7. Say "No" to distractions and "Yes" to Success (literally!)

No matter what your goals are always remove distractions first. There are so many distractions, which are preventing you from reaching your goals. Try to track your daily activities for a week. You will be surprised how much distractions there are and how much time you have lost. Be as productive as possible

That's been said, time to hustle!


7 qualities and habits of successful people- TEAMBLADI® - The Mentality Brand

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Bladi Journal - English Edition
Bladi Journal - English Edition
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Bladi Journal - English Edition
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