The Brand

The Story

Founded in 2018, TEAMBLADI was built with the belief and mindset, that it should never matter which ethnicity a person has, what their social background is or what they belief in. Everyone is unique and in the end it all comes down to the person's personality, mindset and work ethic.

TEAMBLADI exists to show the world, it’s possible to get the most out of your life, regardless of the circumstances, where you come from or what skin color you have. Set on a mission to change the Game. The Mentality;

”0% Smalltalk. 200% Grind. They talk. We hustle.”

We offer high-quality street & gymwear products, designed to support us on our mission. Teambladi is the common ground on which fashion meets street mentality and culture.

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The Mindset

Be a role model.

99% will never work. Don't try to make something work with less than you're actually capable of doing. Go all-in and give all you got. Sometimes you fail, sometimes you win - both times you learn. Don't say "I can't" - You've to convince your mind and your body will follow.

In a world full of copies be an original - be a Bladi. If you don't aim to reach your maximum potential why even bother to start? Nothing is impossible. but you've to believe in yourself. You're not on this earth to be mediocre.

Are you ready to rewrite your story?

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