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Facemask Black


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The Teambladi Facemask Black is made out of high-quality polyester. A washable, breathable fabric makes it the perfect choice during the current circumstances. Step up your protection Game!


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Product Details

  • Fabric: Polyester fiber + Spandex
  • Name: Teambladi Facemask Black
  • Color: Black
  • One-Size
  • High-quality, washable facemask
  • Design: Teambladi Facemask Black
  • Collection: Teambladi Essentials
  • Extraordinary comfort, flexible & very durable

Teambladi Essentials

Teambladi Essentials

The Teambladi Face Mask is one of our iconic brand items for 2020. Designed to show the world that you are part of the team and keep you safe as possible in these difficult times. But hold on, what makes Bladis so special? Bladis are well-known by their mindset, their personality, their work ethic and their ability to lead the pack. Everyone of us is unique and the fact that we are different makes us strong. Bladis are leaders and hell yeah we make the difference. Winner-mentality: Bladis help and support others even when they can not help them back. We are here to change the Game permanently. #GAMECHANGER


About the Facemask Black

The Facemask Black is part of the Teambladi Essentials Collection. The current situation with COVID-19 (also known as the Corona Virus) is very challenging for our society. We all need to be patient and take our discipline to the next level – not only regarding to hygiene, also to the current circumstances.

A lot of countries have a current facemask policy in order to protect the citizens and also to fight the current pandemic. Our facemasks are made of 100% breathable and washable(!) polyester.

Time to dominate and protect the streets. Teambladi, more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle. #BLADIGANG


Size & Fit

  • uni-size
  • comfort fit
  • breathable
  • washable
  • covers mouth & nose
  • Designed for year-round use

2 reviews for Facemask Black

  1. Can

    Habe die Maske gratis zu meiner Bestellung bekommen. Gibt nichts zu Beschweren. Tolle Aktion!

  2. Fatima

    Ich bin echt froh, dass ich diese Maske gratis dazu bekommen habe, weil das bis jetzt die bequemste Maske ist die ich getragen habe. Sie sitzt gut auf, da sie sich vollkommen auf die Gesichtsform anpasst und ich kann sie auch ohne Probleme für längere Zeit oben haben, was mir beim Öffis fahren sehr wichtig ist.

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