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Gym Bag Black


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The Teambladi Gym Bag is a premium product and the perfect partner for your daily workout. A fresh design with the Brand Logo and Slogan, double-string cords and water-resistance surface to make it the best gym bag out there. Time to change the Game.


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Product Details

  • High-quality polyester mixture
  • Strong cords for better durability
  • Name: Teambladi Gym Bag Black
  • Design: Gym Bag
  • Collection: Teambladi Essentials

Signature Collection

Teambladi Essentials

The Teambladi Gym Bag Black is one of our iconic brand items for the gym. Designed to show the world that you are part of the team. But hold on, what makes Bladis so special? Bladis are well-known by their mindset, their personality, their work ethic and their ability to lead the pack. Everyone of us is unique and the fact that we are different makes us strong. Bladis are leaders and hell yeah we make the difference. Winner-mentality: Bladis help and support others and expect nothing in return. Together to the top. We are here to change the Game permanently. #GAMECHANGER


About the Gym Bag Black

The Gym Bag Black is part of the Teambladi Essentials Collection exclusively designed for the Gym. If you didn’t stand out before while entering the gym, now you will. The Teambladi Gym Bag Black is a premium product made out of high-quality materials. We at Teambladi take quality, style and comfort very seriously and constantly improving our products to deliver you the best products possible.

The Teambladi Gym Bag Black features strong cords, a water resistance surface, one zip pocket on the front and one inside the bag. The Teambladi Logo and Slogan the Bag to show the world you are part of the team. The perfect partner for your daily workout. Enough space for your towel, your Teambladi Gym Shaker and other personal belongings. In order to stay on top of your Game, preparation is everything. Always one step ahead!

Time to dominate the gym. Teambladi, more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle. #BLADIGANG

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Size & Fit

  • One-Size
  • adjustable straps
  • Designed for year-round use

7 reviews for Gym Bag Black

  1. tameykc (verified owner)

    Meeega Gym Bag, erstens: weil wasserfest, zweitens: die kleine Tasche vorne ist perfekt fürs handy, spintschlüssel usw, so geht im großen Fach nichts verloren ??

  2. abusufean.73 (verified owner)

    The nicest gym bag I’ve ever seen!! It has a lot of space (gym clothes fit in very nicely) and a zip pocket inside for safety.
    The design is just awesome.

  3. Sidra Shah (verified owner)

    stylish und praktisch! Mein ewiger Wegbegleiter

  4. katjah (verified owner)

    Mit der kleinen Tasche im Inneren für Wertsachen und dem äußeren Zipfach ist dieser Sportbeutel ein praktischer und stylischer Begleiter für das Training und deshalb immer mit dabei!

  5. elanur (verified owner)

    Überall mit & dabei, bin am überlegen ob ich mir eventuell noch eine als Reserve kaufen soll. Passt zu jedem Outfit und megaaaa praktisch, weil ein getrennter Bereich ist (ZIP außerhalb) um alle Wertgegenstände noch separat reinzugeben ??

  6. alev.budak (verified owner)

    TOP! Die Tasche ist mein klarer Favorit unter den TB-Produkten: Genug Platz für alle Essentials und hält jedem Wetter Stand. Außerdem schneiden die Schnüre nicht die Schultern ein, deshalb immer die Schuhe fürs Training dabei! DANKE!!!!

  7. Soukaina

    Love the design and fabric! A absolute must-have if you love to go lightweight. Definitely one of my favorites!

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